Are the fish biting Damo?

Are the fish biting Damo?
Local identity Damon Sherriff shares his Tamar River Report!

Due to unfavourable weather, fishing has been a bit spasmodic in the Valley and surrounding areas.

Many of the small rivers and creeks which feed into the estuaries along the north coast have been in flood due to excessive rainfall.

George Town area has been the most consistent area.  Good catches of Australian Salmon have been taken in the discoloured Tamar's water.  They have mainly been taken by boat anglers, but some land based anglers have been doing well off Garden Island just across the river from George Town.  They have mainly been taken on small baitfish profile lure like haico twisty, Alice's and small soft plastics which also resemble the bait fish they are feeding on.

Low Head has also been going well.  Local anglers have been doing well on big snook or pike.  The best place to target them is the green fair well beacon as you leave the Tamar.  Trolling lures is the most productive method.

So folks, any lures that have a bit of white in them seem to be catching well!

Happy fishing!

Cheers, Damo