Buying and Selling

Sometimes I buy out an entire industry and it feels a bit wrong. True, the whole idea of having an obscene amount of money is that you become morally superior, you gain the ability to dictate who lives and who dies, and the world becomes as a pile of children’s blocks with which to shape your childish desires. But there’s the occasional tweak of regret over how I’m not able to participate in the companies that I buy.

For example, when I purchased the entire petrol industry in the state of Victoria, I know I can at least go to for a night drive and fill up with confidence. But now I own every single estate agent within Victoria and some extra territories, and all of that is usually done during the day. They liaise with property conveyancing offices in Melbourne, who ALSO operate their property title transfer service during the day. I’ve been wondering about purchasing the conveyancing industry as well, but I hear Percival Clancy already did. He’d encourage a bit of friendly tug-of-war, but these things tend to escalate… I shall try not to step on his toes unless I absolutely have to.

In any case, I’d have a bit of a struggle with the Melbourne conveyancing professionals as well, given that they keep strict office hours and they most definitely do not operate during the night. That would be silly. Only people like us are that active at night.

Perhaps I’ll admire the work of conveyancing solicitors from afar. I don’t need to own every single industry; might keep things interesting for myself to have a few loose. Plus, a few south east Melbourne property experts helped us with the title transfers for our castle-mansion. I would do well to remain impartial if we’re going to be purchasing even more mansions and converting them into castles.