Car got slammed

Sometimes I think I just have the worst luck and timing for things. My four year old daughter has been so unwell. She’s got a terrible flu and earache so she’s been at home with me for the last two weeks. Usually she would be at kindergarten but I’m not one of those people who just send their kids to school when they’re unwell. I don’t want her to infect the rest of her class. 

It was clear a few days ago that my daughter would need some antibiotics to overcome whatever this bug is that she had caught. Yesterday we went to the pharmacy to pick up her prescribed medication. I swear we had only been in there for about five to ten minutes, tops. I did not expect to come outside and see the entire right side of my car looking mangled and a woman holding my mirror. Apparently there was a reckless driver driving like a maniac and they had slammed into the side of my car and driven off.

Luckily, the woman was able to jot down the license plate number so I was at least able to pass that onto my insurance. The side of my car was totalled and so I needed to find someone who could conduct a damaged car panel repair. I honestly must have the worst timing. If I parked my car there half an hour earlier or later, none of this would be an issue right now. I called my husband so I could vent, but then he reminded me that my timing wasn’t bad, it was perfect. Had I finished from the pharmacy a few minutes earlier,  I would have been part of the wreck.

Tomorrow I will go to the mechanic. Queanbeyan is an hour away from my part-time job so I’d rather not be without a car for too long, especially given that I have a young child. I’ll keep you guys posted as to whether or not the insurance tracks down this idiotic driver. It’s infuriating that there are people like this on the road.