Self-Made Builder

I come from a family of immigrants who came to this country with next to no money and nowhere to live. Somehow they managed to find a tiny apartment to share with their siblings while they spent the next two years saving up every penny. 

I vaguely remember my father during the early years of my life. That’s not to say that he was an absent parent. He was just too busy trying to get by and support his family in a world that was totally new to him. Once he got enough money together he started buying property, renovating them and selling them for a price higher than he bought it for. My dad eventually had enough money together for us to move out of the small apartment shared with two other families and instead move into these homes he bought. It did however mean that we had to start living the life of gipsies and constantly move with only a moment’s notice, as selling these homes was the way my family made an income. 

Twenty years later, my family is super stable and living comfortably. My dad is still in the market of flipping properties, but he’s changed how he does things. He now contracts some of the top building companies near the Mornington Peninsula area and works with them to build these great properties you see when driving along the beach.

I really do admire how my dad has built himself. He was a man who came from nothing and is now a man who lives comfortably. His job can get stressful at times, and he admits that with age he finds his work harder, but I’d be lying if I said he wasn’t the best at what he does. Whoever thought this off-the-boat man would now be working with luxury home builders? Near the Mornington Peninsula, well, that is considered quite an expensive place, so it is truly impressive that an immigrant like him has managed to tap into that property market. He truly is my rock and inspiration.