Systems of Property

Been doing an assignment for university on how pre-established systems of government and economic practice have had a negative impact on society as a whole.

And if that sounds super boring, then…well, you’d be half right. Unfortunately you can’t just plug that phrase into google and copy a block of text from somewhere. If I wanted to plagiarize, might have shot myself in the foot when it came to picking the title of my essay. Not planning on copying anything though, so just doing things the hard way. Trawling through government websites, sampling housing documents, actually typing up segments from official forms that aren’t available online…

I’ve started with an easy one, which is housing. Now, in 2018, we have things like conveyancing solicitors to help us out with that stuff, but the point of my essay is to ascertain whether conveyancing lawyers are the result of a system that’s now too complicated for laymen to understand. Don’t worry…I’m not trying to put anyone out of a job; besides, the people working in the system aren’t responsible for that system being in place. In fact, they’re a necessary part of that same system since they help people navigate it.

So, housing. I don’t FEEL like people are too put off by things like paperwork surrounding purchasing a home, but that may be to do with the other aspects. Like…the expense. From my research (necessary since I’ve never been a home buyer) I think that conveyancers are probably low on the scale of bureaucratic nonsense. Just a necessary service, probably. Though from what I know, there’s a conveyancer in Elwood who really knows what they’re doing, so maybe I could ask a few things.

Nothing invasive, just ‘hey, do you think your existence is necessary?’ Or maybe ‘do you ever terrify your clients by throwing a lot of paperwork at them?’

Yeah, that’s really rude. Interviews for this assignment have the potential to be awkward.