Too much sun

I love a sunny day as much as the next person. In fact, I probably love a sunny day more than the next person. There’s nothing nicer than going for a walk outside and feeling warm rays heat your arms and face. It’s even better when you’ve got a day off from work and are going for a nice stroll. While this sun can be so beautiful and radiant, it can also be a total nightmare. I don’t know much about North facing or South facing geographical locations but what I do know is that whatever way my office is facing, it’s getting way too much sun. Initially, my desk was facing the window so a certain time in the day would hit and I’d be incredibly uncomfortable as the sun would be in my eyes and I’d be squinting. Talk about a way to suddenly gain premature wrinkles! I’ve asked my boss if there’s an office tinting company around Melbourne who could help remedy this issue. He said he’d get a member of his team to look into it, but we’ll see how long it takes. In the meantime, I’m trying to sit with my back facing the window but that’s no help either as all the sun glares on my screen.

Has anyone else noticed whenever you ask your work to sort something out it always drags on for months and months. Then they ask you to email over and over again. It’s such a hassle, plus the process detracts from doing work. Sometimes I think they hope that I’ll forget about needing some office glass tinting and that’ll eventually give up and they won’t need to worry about arranging it. Not this time! This time I will fight it and keep it in mind until the end. What’s the old saying? The squeaky wheel gets the oil? Well, I’m going to be so squeaky they’ll need a whole olive tree to get me to be quiet!