Could it be termites in the house?

He steps through the door and looks around with a discerning gaze. I blush. “Just through here”, I meekly suggest. I show him to the kitchen and sit down as he begins the termite inspection. He crouches down close to the windows and notices some traces of termites, opening up cupboards and doors. He wiggles into the gaps between fridge and cupboard. I leave him for a moment, I don’t particularly want to watch this business. There’s been enough evidence of termites living in my home for weeks now and he can do his work on his own.

They’ve been scratching, nibbling and eating my home loudly for weeks, and I can’t even stand to prepare meals in the kitchen anymore because I feel like they could’ve been nibbling at every piece of food I bring in. I know this is nonsense because they only eat wood, but still the tough unsettles me. It seems like, as soon as anything enters the kitchen, it’s contaminated. As a consequence, I’ve been eating out at restaurants recently and it’s wreaking havoc on my wallet and weight. I knew I should have made the call sooner to for a termite inspection, Sorrento seems to have a white ant problem at the moment. The inspector will need to get cracking with this termite treatment as soon as possible, because I can’t take this in my home, not for much longer.

I return after ten minutes wondering how long this all takes? Could the termite infestation be much worse that I had imagined? I’m not even sure I have the money to pay for structural repairs to this house. It’s a struggle every month to make mortgage repayments, I don’t know what I’ll do if there is serious damage.  I have just enough in my budget to pay for the pest control, Rosebud can be an expensive place to live sometimes. I watch him work. He works quietly and smiles at me politely. I smile back. It’s too hot in here, now that spring has come. I offer him some cake from the fridge and he declines. Tea or coffee perhaps? These pest control experts work so hard, I’ll be so grateful when these dreaded termites are gone. He stands and tells me that this is a straightforward job, and presents the options. I don’t even hear him. Whatever you think. Yes, you’re the professional, I’ll leave it to you. I’ll start on your tea.