Chambers, Hot Off the Delivery Line

There are two things I don’t have time for in this world: dishes and ironing. Also, I guess, vacuuming, which is why I get a cleaner in every couple of months. Dieting as well. And flossing.

This is the part where I add ‘mathematics’ to the list. For the record, I also don’t have time for budgeting. Life is just pretty full at the moment, and as a result, things tend to get lost in the cracks. For example, this Saturday I have ‘find oxygen chamber’ on my to-do list, just for something totally normal. The doctors have said that my grandma might need one for the asthma, so now I need to find really good place that sells oxygen chambers near Melbourne, load that into the car if they don’t deliver (they’ll always deliver…right?) and then get to the cafe before they close, because I need to buy coffee beans for Monday morning. Trouble is that i don’t know if they close at 5 or 1, and they don’t have a website unlike everything else in 2018, so I have to wing it. Or I could call them. Do people just randomly call cafes to ask them things? It’s not a pizza parlour; no one will be ordering a delivery.

That’d be really nice though, having coffee and/or beans delivered right to your door. I could use that kind of service in the mornings, especially when the kids are running late so I have to do the first four hours of my shift without so much as a crust of toast. Of course, oxygen chambers are quite a bit larger and more permanent than a cup of coffee, so I’m guessing the delivery service will be robust, hoping, hoping it’s robust. I don’t have any other friends who have hyperbaric chambers in Melbourne, so I can’t ask. Stupid new science now being completely ubiquitous, and all that.