Ducted Heating

Our renovations have gone so well! We’ve now completed the bathroom and had the wallpaper installed in all major areas of our home. How exciting! Our next move is to replace our ducted heating because ours is old and doesn’t work very well. We’ve called up someone who specialises in ducted heating service local to Canberra to help us out because we’re obviously not heating technicians. We’re really excited.

This whole thing is exciting! I’m so distracted from like my normal day to day tasks because I just keeping about all the renovations and home improvements we’re making. I can’t wait for it to be winter when I get to sit on the heater and just relax whilst being super warm. In the last five years of living in this house, that’s never been a luxury for me. Luckily I have my husband (who runs extremely warm at all times) to keep me warm, otherwise I’d be freezing! But thankfully, this is no longer an issue! I’m really happy.

I wonder how often we’ll need heating services. Canberra technicians are very good, so I assume any services would only be the regular ones that every heater needs to function optimally. I don’t think we’d need any urgent repairs or anything because the system will be new, which is just fantastic! I’m going to get to enjoy the warm weather for a long time. How exciting.

Okay, I’m in such a rush to get this whole thing done now. I want to talk to the heating technicians straight away. Then we’ll have another home improvement project ticked off our list!

I wonder what we’ll move on to next? Maybe we’ll get someone in to build us a new garage or something. Or maybe we’ll get the outside of our house decorated or get the plumbing fixed! There are so many possibilities. Life is so exciting. I can’t wait!