Children’s Eye Test

I’m in such a rush. My child has an optometry appointment in fifteen minutes and I don’t think we’re going to make it there in time. I always get caught up in these things. I can’t help myself. I’ll be on my way to do some sort of chores I need to do, in this case taking my daughter to get an eye test for children, and get completely sidetracked.

We were about four blocks away before when I got completely caught up in a conversation with my coworker. I just ran into her in the street! We couldn’t help but catch up. Being so close to Christmas, we had to unpack everything that’s going on. All the family drama and juicy gossip – I couldn’t help but continue chatting. We’ve been working from home for so long now that we’ve really missed out on these sorts of conversations. I mean, I didn’t even know what she was going to wear to Christmas lunch! How bad is that.

But now I’m paying the price for my little gossip session. My daughter and I are practically running to the Bayside practising eye doctor. We’re not going to make it in time and it means our appointment time slot is going to have to go into the appointment slot of another patient. I hope the optometrist isn’t angry with us. I assume she will be because this will put her behind the rest of the day and she’s going to have to rush to catch up, or cut into her lunch break. I just couldn’t help myself! The opportunity to gossip was too good. The lure was too strong.

Maybe I’ll have to reschedule the appointment for another time. I don’t want to make an enemy of the best optometrist in Bayside. I need to ensure my child has access to the best paediatric optometrist possible throughout her life or she might fall behind in school which would be horrible.