Electricians Need Qualifications

The electrician path is for me, but I have some serious problems with its progression. I’ve been sending emails to the developers for ages now, but it’s one of the few parts of Over-Botch that hasn’t been patched, and it’s been way too long.

So…you start off as a basic residential electrician, at the apprentice level. That’s after you do the mandatory education of course, and that’s all fine. But after that there are only four levels, which doesn’t bear any resemblance to real life. You go from apprentice to qualified, qualified to expert, and expert to master level. Can you even imagine if it was that easy in real life?? You’d go from rewiring a home to fixing the national power grid with only a day’s difference. It baffles me, because they put so much effort into all the other career options. Take the police path, for instance, where it can take MONTHS of in-game time to get to the stage where you’re allowed to investigate crime-scenes, and there are only a handful of fully-qualified crime scene investigators in the game because the specifications are so stringent. And yet there are loads of master electricians running around.

If that happened in real life it’d be chaos. I’m just saying, if I want to be an electrician some day and I say that I learned a lot of what I know from Over-Botch, any electrician near Cheltenham is going to laugh in my face because the training in-game is too easy and not up to scratch. It’s a distinct disadvantage for electricians, basically.

If it doesn’t end up patched, then I’m going to have to do something drastic. Like actually go and do an electrician course for real.