Never Drive-In

Drive-in movies: not even twice.

It’s too late for me, because I went to one last night and it was a horrible experience, but take it from me that they aren’t worth the effort. I think I was inspired by a movie that I watched in my own home and thus rather enjoyed, Peddle Without a Clause, that movie about the small town in America that tried to ban young people driving with laws and complex documents. The ‘big’ scene of the movie was all the kids ditching their bicycles and driving to the drive-in movie theatre, which were apparently common in the fifties, and all having a great time sitting on their bonnets and watching the movie and…cavorting.

I thought…why not? I’ll tell you why not, and the primary reason is why I’m having to look for a really decent car servicing garage open in Caulfield. Okay, first, people at drive-in theatres let down your tires. It’s truly heinous and terrible, but I guess they saw their chance with everyone distracted. Second, people steal parts from your car. I mean, seriously? The movie finished, I tried to start the car and found that my starter motor had been swiped from right under the bonnet, as had my hubcaps, my spare tire and car-jack, and somehow my collection of travel sweets. I was essentially stranded there and had to take a Goober home, after which I got a towing company in, and now I’m trying to find a garage that’s a little bit further away from home than usual, because I’m sure they’re going to ask me why my spark plugs are ALL missing and how I could possibly have missed the unscrewing of the headlamps. I was so engrossed in the film that I simply did not notice.

Shameful? Maybe. Understandable? Well, you’d have to see the movie. But right now I’ll take a car service. When they ask why my spoilers AND mirrors were wrenched off without my knowledge, I might be able to just be honest.