Four Wheel Dramas

My husband bought me a four-wheel drive about three months ago. He felt a bigger car would be safer for me and the kids. The gesture was kind but oh my gosh, this car is a monstrosity! I feel I need a boost to get in it. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t like the extra height it gave me driving through the school car park. Yes, I’ve become one of those mums who obnoxiously drive around in their giant cars, except I’m not obnoxious about it. Okay, maybe only slightly!

One slight burden I have with this car is that I need to find a 4wd mechanic in case something goes wrong with it. I’m sure it will be fine as it is a new car and we’re very careful about how we drive our cars and where we park them. We actually haven’t had to take either of our cars to the mechanic in probably five or so years so that’s bound to be a testament to how well we look after them. Of course, we’ve probably also gotten a little bit lucky in the sense that our cars have never been too moody and we’ve never had some careless driver hit us. 

Cars are such a responsibility. Where you park them and how you drive them are a big part of how long they will last. My brother is always climbing curbs and never slows down enough for speed bumps. He ended up having to get a suspension repair that cost him thousands of dollars – and that was a quote from an affordable mechanic in Moorabbin.

I’ve just realised how much of a bragger I sound! Let me just reiterate that we’ve just gotten extremely lucky when it comes to our cars. I don’t want to speak too soon and then suddenly find out this four-wheel drive is ridden with issues.