Overwhelmed by vans

I used to be a regularly touring musician. It was a lot of fun. The late nights, the music, the girls, the people, the parties. What a time to be alive! There was a good five years in my late 20s where I was doing just that. I was living it, believing I was in some rockstar dream. I feel sorry for anyone who met me around then because I was definitely a pest. I was an obnoxious and arrogant brat who thought they were hot stuff. If the present me met past me, I would have most definitely knocked myself out. I’ll never forget the day when our van broke down and I angered the best Underwood auto electrician for cars. He said he didn’t have time to sort out our van with only three hours until the show. Of course, I got mouthy and made a scene. I don’t know where I got off being so impolite! The guy had every right to punch me in the mouth. I’m now older, wiser, and definitely less of a jerk.
With my current beer gut and three double chins, I’m definitely not in any position to be a pretend rockstar. Those days have passed and I’m grateful for it! I now have a lovely wife and a wonderful family. Last month I even became a grandfather. Life is bliss. I’m still involved with the music business. I run a fleet company that allows bands to hire vans for tour. Given that I was once a musician, I know all about the things bands need for tour. At one point I was driving bands around on their tours but that eventually ran its course. Now I’m totally content helping out bands with vans. Fleet servicing can get expensive but on a whole it isn’t a business where I’m spending that much money. All the bands that hire from me have always been super respectful of my vehicles too, which is nice. Any band that causes any purposeful damage to my vans gets blacklisted by me. As I said, most of the bands are lovely. They’re more tame now than I was in the 80s!