Help for students

I’ve been a VCE teacher for the last twenty-two years and I really mean it when I say that things are tough for this new generation. Everyone seems to think that because of computers and phones, this generation has it easy. Well, believe me, they don’t. There’s constantly so much pressure shoved in their face. Pressure to look good. Pressure to do better than the next person. Pressure to have a social media following. Day in and day out I have students come to me expressing that they’re having anxiety issues surrounding these matters.

It’s only two months into the school year and I can confidently say that each week I have two children who come to my office to bawl their eyes out about how much they are struggling with their subjects or the stress of their future. Sometimes I feel like I’m at a brick wall as there’s only so much advice I can give and sometimes I feel I don’t know if it’s the right advice. There must be a career counsellor for Melbourne students that I can call as I feel they might be able to provide better advice. I want these kids to feel confident in the path they choose. I know I can help them get into their desired courses and learn the material for their current classes but I do think they need to speak to an expert.

The most common question among students seems to be whether or not to go to university. Some of them feel pushed by their parents to get a degree when in fact they’d rather work. This is why career coaching for students is important. It will help bust myths about the importance of university education and help students figure out what they want to do. Students can be easily swayed by those around them and while I think external advice is important I think it’s important that these students make the choices they want to make.