Feel The Heat

Are you a summer person or a winter person? I’m personally a summer person. I really don’t understand those people who love winter. You’re always cold and shivering. You get rained on. You can hardly go anywhere. Plus your outfit is always wrecked because you need to carry a jacket to protect you from the rain or keep you warm. My group of friends and I are all summer people. We love going out to the beach and taking long walks in the sun. It’s just such a better atmosphere. Everyone seems a lot more chirpy and happy to be alive. Whereas in winter everything is dark, dreary and depressing. The other thing I love about summer is that I can wear sleeveless shirts to show off my muscles! I’ve worked super hard in the gym to get the arms that I have so I shouldn’t be made to cover them up.

The other day it was about thirty degrees while I was driving. Even the seatbelt was burning me. I reached to turn on my aircon but all that came out was warm air. I gave it a chance to get itself started but it made no difference. Instead, I felt hotter. Then it dawned on me, this was one of many signs that my car aircon needs a regas. It’s so frustrating when things like this happen. Things in cars always go wrong when you need to rely on them most. In case people hadn’t noticed, Australia gets hot. Sometimes I feel hot. I don’t even accurately describe it.  The temperature is boiling, sizzling, roasting, baking and every other cooking-related adverb that I’m yet to think of.  
Unfortunately, I’m working all week so it will be another seven days until I can take my car to the mechanic. Milperra has a mechanic near my work so I could always go there. Hopefully, I could drop my car off in the morning and they’ll have it sorted by the time I finish. All it means is that I’ll be subject to seven days of sweating while I drive.