I Just Get the Job Done, With a Smile

Everyone in Over-Botch nowadays is so focused on their stats. ‘Oh, my stats say this, so you’re bad and I’m good’.

Well, sorry. Stats in a game about working hard and doing your best to build a business and service customers are almost completely irrelevant. Never mind if you’ve managed to build up a network of contacts by being a genuinely nice person and maintaining good relationships. Never mind if you’re a good boss and you keep your employees happy. Nope…it’s all about the stats.

Honestly sometimes I get so frustrated. My passion for property was the whole reason I started a buyers advocate firm in the first place. I’m not as popular as some of the buyers advocate based near Melbourne in real life, of course. Here in the online world, the infrastructure of looking for and purchasing homes is kinda different, owing to the fact that you can unlock a teleport ability. So, in real life…well, people go to buyers advocates because they need their expertise in finding a high-property home, but I suppose a smaller part of it is because people are busy and they have lives and jobs and families, and all that. Getting someone to look around a giant home saves a lot of time.

In Over-Botch, not only do people not work long hours, but they can select any property from an online repository and walk around it in VR instantly. They don’t even have to walk; they can just slide through rooms and decide right there and then.

So…fewer people use our services, but I get just about enough work, and it’s good training for one day doing something similar in real life. People say my business is going under, but…meh. I enjoy it, and I’m learning.

Not that I’m going to upset the world of buyers advocacy near Melbourne or anything. Stats aren’t everything, and neither is virtual experience.