Moral Dilemma

Alright, even I’m getting a bit suspicious about how many TV shows there are now about aluminium. Is the CEO of Dinky Animation one of those aluminium enthusiasts? Because that would explain basically everything. They make some really great stuff, so I guess it’s fine, but still…bit of a saturation.

I have to give them credit for this one though: ‘Oh Wow, Spanner Out of Time!’ is the timeless (heh) tale of an ordinary person from Melbourne who falls through a time portal into the the distant past of 1850, when Australia was a very different place. All he has is what he carried with him through the time portal, which happens to be an aluminium toolbox. Melbourne of the pas obviously doesn’t have much in the way of aluminium, because they all used to use…I don’t know, wood I guess? So our protagonist becomes a legendary and renowned trades-person pretty much immediately, due to the power of his modern technology, aluminium accessories and the fact that his toolbox has central locking so no one can get in and steal his secrets. Of course, it gets stolen in an early episode, but he uses his wits, knowledge of the future and his band of attractive, powerful female followers to track down the culprits and very easily bring them to justice. Seriously, so many female characters in this particular show, which you wouldn’t expect with the series being set in the time that it is. And while mighty in their own ways, they all hang off the protagonist and constantly fight for his affections, even though he doesn’t notice and is too busy being awesome with his knowledge of roof racks and bars.


Have I seen this before…?

…oh, it’s the moral dilemma of using knowledge of changing the past! Yeah, it deals with that a lot.