Wallpaper Options

All that secret elevator controlled by a clock business turned out to be overkill. Could’ve just got some really convincing wallpaper printed and all my problems could’ve been over. So that’s annoying, all that money spent on security, but I guess now I know. And also I’m a billionaire, so…it’s not like I don’t have a bit of disposable income to hide my secret cave. Right now I’m seeing some very convincing concrete effect wallpaper, so I’m going to just slap a bit of it over the secret entrance and see how authentic it looks. And if so, then…great. Easy.

Ever since I discovered the cave hidden underneath my mansion I’ve believed that it was fate. I needed a place to store my Power Car, the vehicle that gets Power Man around the city for his duties of finding citizens with devices on low battery and using his portable power packs to charge them up. There is also parkour, for places where the Power Car can’t reach (you know, pedestrianised areas…and boats). The whole cave is decked out with everything I need, including racks upon racks of power devices, an extensive rotating electric wardrobe of suits, and a big computer. It doesn’t really need to be that big, but it’s so important that it just felt right, you know? Helps me research the latest ways to provide power.

But hiding it was always the problem. Now, with this new designer wallpaper, I can just hide the entrance behind a wall in my mansion, instead of that whole convoluted affair with the clock. I know I’m supposed to remember what time it is, since it’s the exact time when my parents’ phones ran out of battery after they left me at the shops, thus leaving me lost and stranded for a whole day because they couldn’t call anyone and causing my deep emotional issues…but I forget. I’m so silly like that.