Needle Me This

It’s high time I invested in a standing desk. It’s not like it would take much doing. If I just propped a my laptop stand on a mid-height bookshelf, and cut away part of the base… the trouble is, I need a solution now. My shoulders have had it up to here this whole desk malarky for the day.

Yes, I realise that blogging about it probably isn’t helping. Call it self-sabotage if you will; it’s just one of those days. Meanwhile, my housemate Katrina is off doing some kind of graduate training  – I’m pretty sure she said it was a trigger point dry needling course. Melbourne manual therapists are all for this kind of weekend upskilling, it seems.

Katrina’s desperately working to get a job at a clinic that has pointedly noted the absence of this particular skill on her resume. It’s really no wonder, given the breadth of her activities – she’s forever off on a hiking or overland biking expedition, or deciding to become accredited as a clinical Pilates instructor. It was actually she who inspired me to look into this desk situation, what with all her talk about musculoskeletal presentations and so on.

The fact that there’s even a market for dry needling courses for manual therapists makes me feel like this is something I should consider looking into, from a the perspective of someone who could potentially benefit from such a treatment. I tend to steer clear of this type of thing until its become reasonably well-established, and I guess this thing must be. But then, I do live with a myotherapist who’s a huge nerd for learning the latest techniques.

I do realise that changing my lifestyle is probably the first step to reducing this shoulder pain issue – I mean, I’m at my desk all day, every day, so it should come as no surprise that my body is starting to protest. Still, whatever works…