Boating Conspiracies Are Great Fun

I suppose at this point you could say that I’m addicted to joining clubs. I always leave them soon afterwards as well…not sure why that is. Must be because I’m not actually possessing of any of the passion required to be in the club to begin with; I just like meeting new people and finding out about *insert thing*. Last week I had my final meeting at the Cake Decorating and Algerian Traditional Dance club. Nice people, although they were a little too enthusiastic at the thought of having a new member. Maybe if your club wasn’t quite so specific, Shirley?

I can see myself staying here for a little while, however. These conspiracy theory people are good fun, they’re not as crazy as people say (except during discussions) and there’s always a great finger food spread. Check, check and check. Today’s discussion was on the wonders of outboard motor servicing in Melbourne, specifically how there’s a shadowy government conspiracy making them more expensive due to the parts being held at customs to be selected and used for experiments under…some building? I don’t know. I zoned out at that point thinking about chicken fingers. The smell was intoxicating. Still not sure if it’s taboo to go and eat them while we’re discussing.

But yeah, apparently boating repair people are all up in arms, protesting in the streets at the cost of parts imported even from Australian manufacturers, and the case is only days away from being cracked. I wonder, what WOULD you use outboard motor parts for? I mean really, specifically, outboard motor repair materials. Some kind of shrink ray, perhaps? A MEGA-boat, that’s more powerful than all other boats, so powerful that if it got into the wrong hands it could doom us all?

I didn’t want to ask, because it was only my second meeting. But the outboard motor repair professionals in Melbourne must beware. There might be a weird bunch of conspiracy nutters coming at them for interviews.