Software for electricians

When my electrician apprenticeship finished, I decided to become my own boss rather than work for another company. As someone who has many hobbies, including travelling to play music every weekend, and being my own boss gives me the flexibility to choose what jobs I take on and when. I found a management software for Melbourne electricians that has really helped me stay on track with this and plan out my job week. The downside to being your own boss is that you can be guilty of doing two specific things. The first I’ve been guilty of is taking on too much work. When you work for a company they’ll sort out your schedule and assign your jobs to you. The company sorts out all your communications and deals with all your clients so when your day is done, it’s done. You’re not having to deal with seeing emails pop up during your late-night unwinding time. Then there’s the exact opposite of that which is times when you find yourself accepting no work.

Using the trade job management software has really helped me switch off from my work when I’m not working. The software hides email previews and my work can only be visible when I have the app open. I know that might sound like no big deal, but to anyone who has been self-employed you will understand where I’m coming from. It’s so easy to see the preview of an email and end up dwelling on the email and responding to the client during a time of day which should be considered your ‘down time’.

It’s amazing the toll being a hard worker can have on your body. I find when I’ve pushed myself too hard I end up getting really run down suddenly without noticing. It usually begins with a slight cold, and then three weeks on I’m stuck with the same cold and I just can’t shake it unless I bail on all my commitments. While being sick is an inconvenience, it did teach me the importance of not letting yourself get burned out.