My daughter’s Smile

My daughter is currently in high school and is fifteen years old. She is a shy girl who is a bit more alternative than the rest of the girls in her class. Many of the other girls tend to bully her or ignore her because she’s different. The boys are quite mean to her as she dresses a bit gothic and they don’t get it.

The other day my heart broke when she came home from school. I noticed that she was particularly grumpy and went straight to her room. I asked her what was going on but she ignored me. Then I caught her tearing up so I thought I’d give her another prod. Eventually, she just burst into a full-blown cry and told me that she hates herself and hates her teeth. While looks don’t matter, my daughter is a beautiful girl who is going through an awkward stage. Her teeth are a big insecurity as they’re very crowded, and her two front teeth are bucked. A couple of months ago I took her to a Cheltenham dentist who informed me that my daughter will most likely need braces in the coming years. I didn’t want to force the idea of braces onto my daughter until I knew that she was comfortable with it. Given that she was crying about her teeth, I thought I’d put forward the idea of braces again. Boy, did she not like this suggestion. She started crying even harder and yelling about how the other students saw her as nothing more than a freak.

I’ve done some research on Invisalign for teenagers and have learned that it seems to be quite a popular option. Many teens hate the idea of walking around with a mouth full of metal, so the popularity of Invisalign has greatly increased over the last few years. Invisalign is designed to be discrete and less obvious compared to the traditional braces we are all accustomed to. From my research, it does seem that Invisalign can generate some good results.