Suddenly, Mice

There are mice everywhere. Here I was thinking that at least this realm had one thing going for it, and that was that their technology had gotten rid of all pests. Not so…not so at all. True, it’s not quite like back in the castle where there would be hordes of rats feeding on the toes of unfortunate prisoners, but I just found a mouse hole in my apartment and I can’t for the life of me remember the spell to shrink myself down so that I may engage the mouse in a duel to make it leave my home. It’s the only one I can think of that’d do the trick.

Suppose I’ll have to look up what services are available for this thing, using the Box of Incandescent Noise that Gives All Answers. The Box had spoken, and said that pest control companies near Rosebud are indeed equipped to deal with this problem. I’m going to assume that doesn’t involve a shrinking spell, but I’m still getting used to their ways. Everything here is done via Incandescent Boxes of various sizes and shapes. Perhaps there is an ‘app’ that makes the mouse leave my home? Apps are like magical spells for the technological age, so I’ve heard, so there must be an app for pest control. There’s an app for everything…I know that much.

In the meantime, why has no one invented a Mouse eviction spell? I never really wanted to go into spell development (despellopment) because all of them are stark raving mad and they think inventing new things for simple tasks is a good use of time. But maybe the industry needs a positive influence. I’m going to observe these pest control professionals, Mornington is where they’re based so it should take long to get here. I’m going to try to replicate their professional real world skills into magic. And if I’m ever un-banished, I’m going to go into despellopment, because I’m full of great ideas and magic is surprisingly lacking in many areas. I’ll make a killing patenting all these pest removal charms.