Keep Wallpaper

Alright, so the what was destined to happen from the very beginning has come to pass: ‘Renovation Break-In!’ has been cancelled after four episodes. Considering the subject matter that’s still a pretty good innings, but also at the same time tragic, because it was my favourite show in the entire world. Bar none. It just rocketed its way into my heart and I will watch those episodes over and over again until my dying day.

There are SO many shows about renovations, home buying, and whole home makeovers…and they’re fine. Their multitude must mean people are into them, and companies that do custom design wallpaper have never been more popular. But Renovation Break-In had the added twist that people didn’t KNOW that their place was going to be changed Someone would call the producers and tell them about the horrible state of their friend or neighbour’s home. Maybe their bathroom still has pale yellow tiles and little petunia patterns from the 70s, along with a shower curtain that hasn’t been replaced since then as well. Or perhaps they haven’t bothered to replace their kitchen counters, even though they’re covered in burns and scuffs, and they STILL have that ugly blue faux-carpet instead of practical tiles.

The crew waits until these people are gone, walks into their home and renovates the whole thing, for our viewing pleasure. New wallpaper all over, boom, done.

Um…kind of a problem, yeah. Actual online wallpaper places work on a more legitimate basis, so I can see why they wouldn’t want their craft sullied with this sort of thing. But it just spiced up the whole concept so darn much; it was a breath of fresh air, just not one that lends itself to a continued existence without the entire crew getting arrested. Hope someone comes up with something similar…just more legitimate next time. I was skeptical of the concept from the start if I’m being honest.