Wear More Jumpers

As my mother used to tell me, “Andrew, wear more jumpers.” I never listened, but we lived in Vietnam and jumpers aren’t necessary for about 95% of the year. Maybe more than that, actually. Now I’m in Melbourne, and several years later I still don’t think I’ve learned that lesson. It’s SUPPOSED to be summer, so why does it keep getting so cold? Mum was right: I need more jumpers – every single time I go out, just in case it gets cold.

The other day I was in a meeting with the property conveyancing company, which should’ve been a joyous occasion, but I was super cold. Like, properly chilly, because they had the air con turned way up and I was only wearing a t-shirt because it WAS a hot day outside. It did focus my thoughts on the home we’re buying, however, and how we’re not really going to use that air conditioning very much on account of me liking the heat. In fact, I don’t even care that it’s sitting on its own in the middle of a field, with no tree cover.

We bought the place because it was within our budget, and it’s absolutely fine for me. Only has air con in one room. Less paperwork than other places. The conveyancers have made everything super easy, and I do appreciate everything they do besides the excessive air conditioning in their office. To be fair, that’s most offices. Maybe they need a certain climate to get all of their work done. Or maybe it’s just the conveyancing offices in Sandringham that requires their workspace to be sub-zero. Maybe that’s an occupational necessity of conveyancing. Sandringham, perhaps, gets very hot at times. Or else they just enjoy wearing jumpers. Who knows?

That has to be it. I’ve solved the mystery, everybody. We just picked the coolest conveyancers around. Need to bring a jumper to every appointment though.