Big Metal Project

If anybody has some spare steel to spare, I’d love to take it off your hands. I’m conducting an experiment to see how much metal was needed to construct the Destroyer Sphere from Space Battles. I assume it was a lot, and obviously I’ll never be able to build a life-sized replica, but if I can build something a quarter of the size, I’ll be happy. From there, all I have to do is multiply the amount of metal it took by four, and I’ll know the exact amount required to build an actual Destroyer Sphere.

I’ve already made a dozen trips to my local steel fabricator. Melbourne steel isn’t too hard to come by, but I’m purchasing a lot of the stuff, and I’m almost out of money. That’s why I’m turning to the public to help me complete this project. If you’ve got metal to spare, please donate it to me. I’ll take anything, regardless of what form it is in. I’ll take jewellery, metal bed frames, guitar strings, etc. If it’s not in the form I need, I’ll just melt it down and reform the metal. I’m not a qualified metalworker or anything, but if I get into any legal trouble I’ll just use the extremely powerful green laser beam I borrowed from Premier McBane, since he’s giving up his evil scientist ways. So, if you have a spare steel tube around Melbourne, I’ll make great use of it. Maybe I’ll even give you a ride in my fully armed and operational battle station, when it’s done, of course.

Some people have been doubting whether I can actually pull this off or not, but I think they’re overestimating just how big the Destroyer Sphere was. It’s not even close to the size of Earth’s moon, which means it must be pretty small. I expect the quarter-size replica to perhaps take up the size of a neighbourhood or two. If anybody complains about me taking up so much space, well… I’d be happy to introduce them to my laser beam.