Hotel promotions

There’s a lot that goes into running a hotel, particularly a four and a half star hotel. Once your hotel has been labelled of such notoriety there is a lot of pressure to maintain certain operational standards so guests are not let down. The other issue is that sometimes things out of my control do happen. For example, a piece of gym equipment may break down in the morning or the restaurant is so busy that food is a bit of a wait. When these things happen at a four and a half star hotel, there are only so many contingencies that can be put in place to help. Unfortunately, some people lack any understanding that accidents can happen. The other issue with being a hotel that has received such a great rating is that there is a lot of competition with other hotels. First, there are the other expensive hotels that might simply have better photos going for them or there are hotels with a lower rating and a cheaper nightly fee. As an operations manager, I feel we need some content to help us stand aside from the other hotels. This is why I have approached the most prestigious video production company Melbourne has to offer and have asked them to create a highlight reel of our hotel. 

In the reel, I really want to capture the reasons why we’re better than the other expensive hotels, and why it is a better experience to pick our hotel as opposed to a cheaper hotel. We have so many great amenities such as indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, buffets, restaurants, spas, plants, couches, large rooms with ensuites, city night views, and bars. I want this video to really capture this. I also want this marketing video production to be of better quality than our competitors. I can tell that some of our competitors have made some dodgy videos on the cheap. If we’re a premium brand then everything needs to be premium. I want our videos to be sleek and prestigious, to accurately show off our sleek and prestigious accommodation.