Get It Together!

I’ve never been good at saying goodbye to my possessions, which is another way of saying that I’m an awful, shameless hoarder. That’s it, I’ll admit it. I can’t even throw out a sock without shedding a tear and thinking of all the wonderful times we’ve spent together, me and that sock, that sock and I, both of us together. But now that I’ve seen ‘Get it Together, With Mary Condo’, the show where an extremely abrasive lady just yells at the viewer for an hour at a time, telling us that we’re useless worms and our lives are out of control, I’ve decided to take things seriously.

Also, I have air conditioning, which is GREAT because I was about to call the Canberra air conditioning repair team, and now I don’t have to. Yeah, one day about four years ago I hung some sheets up (it was an unusually-productive day) and then I realised that I didn’t have anything to hang them on. I’d never done any washing before, and I don’t have a whirly hanging thing in the back garden (plus, it’s quite the dangerous jungle out there), so I just hung some of the sheets on the air con unit. It worked well enough, and it was winter so I wasn’t using it at the time. Summer came that year, and the sheets had been hanging there for so long that I just sort of…forgot that I had working air conditioning. I complained about it as well! Just had to make do with the fan.

I’ve been motivated by that new TV show with the lady that organises everything. I finally took down those hanging sheets years later and found out that I have air conditioning, which will be super helpful in this current wave of heat. Or rather…it would be. All those years, and I’m thinking I need to look up some really good quality air conditioning servicing Canberra residents can rely on.

And I WILL. I WILL do that thing. I have the search open in a tab and everything. I just need to watch one more episode. Mary is yelling something about our parents never loving us because we don’t clean the kitchen counters, which is, you know, fair. I understand the logic.