Glass Alternatives

Okay, bit of a setback. As it turns out, you can’t actually turn one entire wall of your home into a massive pane of glass. They don’t make panes that big, and if they did they’d be impossible to transport. Plus, it would be dangerous, apparently – “structurally-unsound to the highest degree” was the phrase used.

Alright, so… money can’t buy absolutely everything. It cannot bend the laws of physics – not yet, at least. But this is fine! I’m bouncing back, I’m cool, I’m fine, I’m not disappointed. No sir. I have money, after all. Money solves all ills.

I’m already shortlisting the very best timber window installation services Melbourne has to offer, getting ideas, formulating plans, and aiming to make create something way more impressive than an all-glass wall. I hope it can get done fairly soon, though… I’m currently living out the back in the treehouse – it’s a luxury one, mind you, but it’s not quite my preferred residence. I mean, there’s no guest room here. 

Maybe in a couple of generations, window replacement and repair will be as simple as just hosing down the affected area, after which a window solidifies in its place. You know, like that healing gel from all the sci-fi shows. That’ll be the future of window replacement: just a hose and a bit of expertise in where you spray it. Currently, things are more complex. Panes of glass are such cumbersome things, and they become more so when they’re bigger.

Fortunately, I have the money for coolest window replacement solution Melbourne has ever seen. Maybe I can get the door to match as well. Or I could do away with this glass obsession, I guess. Wall-to-wall glass is SO early 2002. Less is more, right? That’s what my father always said. I wanted to do something a bit different, but alas! I was born into this world too early.