Solar Power Man

First day as a superhero: pretty good. Suit doesn’t fit quite as well as I’d like, a bit tight in some areas, but no chafing as of yet and I made the right choice with the boots, considering I’m doing a lot of walking and a bit of parkour. The best part is that as Power Man, I’m not breaking any laws. Most superheroes operate outside the law, dealing vigilante justice and risking the ire of law enforcement despite being generally loved by the public. But I bypass all of that with my power-giving schemes.

Commercial solar energy systems should receive a boost through my actions as well, taking us towards a kinder and greener society. Every time I let a citizen charge their phone or other device using one of the battery packs attached to my suit, I make sure to let them know that the power they’re using is 100% renewable, taken from the sun using a commercial solar system. I also have solar panels attached to my helmet. They don’t generate a great deal of energy due to their size, but one day, solar power will be so efficient that a few tiny panels will drink in enough to power every piece of technology a person will use for an entire day.

I might have gotten the idea of becoming Power Man from a random blog post, but I’ve long been passionate about solar power and electricity conservation. I’ve looked into energy storage, tesla powerwalls and how businesses adopting a 100 kw solar system is one of the best energy saving methods of the future. And as Power Man, my calling card is a pamphlet that explains every single one of these things. Made from fully-recycled rock paper, of course. Even my Power Man suit is made from chemical-treated wheat. Really hope it doesn’t rain while I’m out, otherwise it’ll vanish in under ten seconds.

-Power Man, secret identity withheld