The Fixer-Uppers

Many days have past since Father evicted us from our home. This Christmas will be a time when my twin brother and I can reconcile, but that will not sweep away the many years of hardship. However, we did well for ourselves, even after being tossed out into the cold with nothing but each other, as a result of our terrible rhymes.

In those first few days, we tried to plan how we would survive, and we came to the conclusion that the automotive industry was our best bet. Fortunately, we found ourselves in Bentleigh. Auto electrical services were more prominent here than anywhere else in Melbourne, and so we set about integrating ourselves into this business. Within a year we had established a profitable business finding scrap pieces of cars and making them into functioning vehicles, which we sold at premium prices due to our business acumen and the quality of our welding. This meant that the garages in Bentleigh were given excellent business due to these still being older vehicles that needed servicing, and thus we became known as the Fix-Up Twins. It took us only a short time to make our names far known across the entire automotive industry, which did of course open many doors. All one needs to do is say that one is associated with car mechanics, especially the ones in Bentleigh, and all sorts of exclusive services become available: nightclubs, secret sushi restaurants, free helicopter chauffeuring and also an excellent oxygen bar located underneath Melbourne Central that can only be accessed by car servicing professionals.

Even all these years later, I have no doubt that the car servicing garage in Bentleigh still remember our names, for we managed to revitalise an industry that didn’t even need any extra push. You can ALWAYS improve. That was the most important lesson we learned, stitching up old cars and sending them in for servicing. Nothing is ever good enough. Nothing is ever complete.