Windows for Inspiration

I suppose I take role play more seriously than most people, but that’s for a very good reason: my imagination just isn’t very good.

That’s not something you’ll hear many people admitting, but it IS true, for me. I’m a numbers guy, which is what attracted me to tabletop games in the first place. I love calculating damage, keeping track of mana reserves, and I’m always the keeper of the money bag when we’re adventuring. But creating a character, or feeling emotion as our GM tells us we’re forging through a deadly dungeon? I get nothing. So I might have…maybe…gotten some decorative window glass for my games room. Specifically, decorative window glass that makes it look sort of like a stain glass church. See, the character I play is of the Priest class, mostly because their spells work in an interesting way and I like to calculate how much damage is done by their spells (damage over time is a fun one as well). The decorative glass helps me get in the right frame of mind for being a priest. Before the guys come over I light a few scented candles (which they must never know about), I sit there for an hour or so and I try, really hard, to get into the mind of John the Priest. I could give him a more exciting name, I suppose, but I don’t think it would do very much. I need the visuals. I need my window glass to filter the light so that it casts unusual, colourful shadows all over my game room. The other guys are really into it as well, and I’ve been praised for my dedication to the immersion. My mate Harry said he got frosted window glass in HIS game room because it helped him to get into the mindset of his ice mage character, who lives in a frozen cave. But I hope everyone is still okay with coming around to mine, otherwise I get no immersion. No decorative window glass, no candles…back to just enjoying the numbers for me.