Just New Mum Things

My life has seriously flipped upside down. I used to have it all, and way earlier than most people. I was in my early twenties, and I guess I was just blessed with a bunch of rare gifts and privileges: I could get up every morning at 6 am and feel refreshed. Never had to …

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Internet, Be Swift!

Is there anything that ruins your day quite like slow internet? I admit, we as a species have really just become utterly dependent on being able to click on a page and having it load in under two seconds. Add a single second to that count, and even that’s enough to cause clenching of the …

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Toxic Workplace Alert

Whenever I hang out with my friend Eric, I become increasingly convinced that his workplace is extremely toxic. He’d be the first to attest to this – certainly, that was the case last night, when he refused to shut about it over dinner. Eric works for an academic publishing house, which you’d think would be …

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